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Our Story

McQueens Flowers has been creating beautiful and memorable designs since 1991, building a reputation around the world for colourful and creative floral creations perfectly matched to every occasion and setting.

What started out as a home of simple, stylish London flowers - beautifully presented, has grown to become one of the world’s most respected and admired floral design companies – setting the standard for floral quality, style and elegance.

With creative studios, workshops and flower schools in London, and Seoul – and more international cities underway, McQueens is a truly international affair, with customers in Mexico, USA, Japan, France, Korea, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain & Australia.

After more than 25 years of sending our talented team of florists from London to create amazing floral designs for events across the U.S. McQueens Flowers has finally opened a studio in Manhattan’s Flower District. Lead by an extraordinary team, McQueens Flowers New York offers a full suite of luxury floral services including bouquet delivery, weddings and events, and weekly flowers to both corporate offices and private homes.

Working so closely with a natural product, it is our conscious duty to protect Mother Nature in every way possible. Our bespoke bags are built to be used over again, our wrapping paper is recycled and recyclable, and our cellophane is plant based and fully compostable. Working with seasonal flowers supports a more sustainable approach to farming and ensures the most beautiful blooms, so we source flowers locally whenever possible. All our green waste is composted, and we avoid using floral foam, instead, we devise solutions to build and construct our designs using alternative environmentally-friendly means.

In 2019, we became the only florist in the world to be awarded a Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury.
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