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Weldon Design

An eye for exquisite design and the finer details is a must in the world of event floristry, and nothing thrills us more than when we meet partners with the same approach to their craft. As longtime admirers of ephemera and all-things stationery - when discovering Ellen Weldon of Weldon Design we knew this would be a meeting of minds. Established in 1982 the custom invitation and calligraphy studio is a best kept secret of top event industry leaders, private individuals and corporate clients from around the world. Ellen and team create extraordinary visual communications that elevate the celebration of life’s momentous occasions. Whether physical or digital, their work inspires and delights. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Weldon Design on our recently launched Party Collection
- the ultimate home entertaining package.
The exquisite detail of Weldon Design
Ellen, what first sparked your interest in calligraphy?

Actually my fascination was ignited by an incident at school where I received a failing mark in 2nd-grade handwriting and I said – “never again!”

How did calligraphy become your profession?

I studied fine art and began my professional career as a calligrapher and illustrator of holiday cards for Cartier at their flagship. It was there I met Estee Lauder and became her secret placecard scribe. The rest is history.
Ellen's moodboard of inspiration
We're drawn to your signature, detailed look – how would you describe your style?

Classic with a twist. My style is very much an extension of me – I have the classical training but like to be free to add a bit of whimsy.

We adore stationery! Which is your favorite piece of ephemera in your collection?

I don’t have one favorite, but rather keep a collection of inspiring things on a mood board above my desk. I really love three-dimensional detailed blind embossing – the plates are hand-carved by artisans from my artwork and photo imagery is used as a reference to enhance the realism. There are only a handful of people still doing this type of work.
Weldon Design placecards for the McQueens Flowers Party Collection
McQueens Flowers New York are very excited to be collaborating with your on our Party Collection offering – what's your favourite style of place cards?

I love the classic style - again with a twist. Whether the twist is the calligraphy style or the color of the ink – that is the part that makes it personal. These days it is more about that individuality and storytelling than ever before.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when designing?

I adore flowers! And fine art. And the people I am designing for. I try to understand who they are and what they might like to see and then it flows.
Discover more about our collaboration with Weldon Design and see the full McQueens Flowers Party Collection via our online shop.

Weldon Design

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