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Event Planner, Rebecca Gardner

©Sasithon Pooviriyakul
2019 has already been a seminal year for McQueens for many reasons - not least going global with our most recent opening in one of our very favourite city’s - New York. Headed up by long-time McQueens aficionado, Emily Mathison we were welcomed with open arms and set to work creating floral magic around the Big Apple. The creativity and imagination has been unstoppable - with one brief, in particular, sparking a flurry of excitement. Thanks to renowned Event Planner, Rebecca Gardner- McQueens were recruited to dream up a floral extravaganza for a wedding brief titled ‘Age of Innocence on Acid,’ If you don’t follow Rebecca on Instagram ( @rebeccasgardner) - then you simply must - her boundless creativity is an inspiring visual adventure! We had the pleasure of sitting down with the event curator extraordinaire to find out more about her career, Juli and Mike’s sensational wedding and her love for flowers.
The treasure trove tablescape - ©Sasithon Pooviriyakul
Rebecca Gardner - ©Chia Chong
How did your journey in the world of wedding design begin?

I celebrated my eighth birthday with a fashion show party. My friends came dressed in fantasy looks and strutted down the driveway on the side of my house. A glamorous local newscaster served as emcee and announced each guest by name. I closed the show dressed as a bride in shiny off-white polyester. Never looked back.

What advice do you have for anyone planning a wedding?

I always encourage brides to remember that they are the bride AND the hostess. Making sure that your guests are well entertained is far more important than your costume changes. Don't forget to make introductions, give thought to the seating arrangements and thank each guest for coming.
Juli and Mike
What gave you the inspiration for Mike and Juli’s wedding?

Juli and Mike were the inspiration for Juli and Mike's wedding! They are brilliant, witty and confident. We had a wonderful time planning a supper party wedding that reflected their quirky and playful style. The National Arts Club was founded in 1898 and parts of The Age of Innocence were filmed in the mansion on Gramercy Park. We embraced the opulence of society in the Gilded Age and gave it a hit of acid.

What were your thoughts about the flowers on the day?

Juli was excited to embrace unruly flowers and the dose of acid required vibrant color. Emily Mathison and I had a wild time dreaming up the flowers, adding twirling vines, weird and exotic fruits and droopy petals that served as umbrellas for tiny porcelain people. We layered more and more until it finally exploded in to this insane collaboration of delight. In creative work, not everyone "gets it." I could not have had a better partner in crime.
Sumptuous detail - ©Sasithon Pooviriyakul
©Sasithon Pooviriyakul
What are your favorite flowers and why?

I like quirky flowers with big personality. Icelandic poppies are my favorite. I love their bold colors and the irreverent way that they twist and turn. They are fickle, expensive and require lots of work - like all the best women.

Head to for more details of the fabulous wedding.

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Event Planner, Rebecca Gardner

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