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Spring Favourites

There’s a surge of excitement coursing through McQueens Flowers right now. The change in seasons means an abundance of new and vibrant floral varieties and that always inspires the team, from the designers in the workshop right through to the tutors at McQueens Flower School. Coupled with the arrival of (albeit intermittent) sunshine, there are very few things that make florists smile more than spring flowers. We’ve given ourselves the almost impossible task of selecting just a few of our favourite stems coming into season over the next few months…

A springtime staple, and definitely not to be overlooked. Available in a breadth of colour and shape, there are a number of sensational tulip varieties which make them a statement flower in their own right. Take the unusual Parrot tulip - bold enough to be a single stem in a bud vase, or looks just dynamic en masse. Another favourite is the double tulip - a more decadent variety and an excellent alternative to the popular peony. Tulips are also an essential ingredient in creating the fluid silhouette found in the popular Dutch Masters style, a trend which has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years.
The exquisite Parrot Tulip
Sweet Pea

We’re sure we don’t need to extol the virtues of this fragrant vine. The gloriously frilly flower is now so numerous in its array of colour and shape that it can sit happily in a foraged, rustic gathering or amongst an ornate bridal bouquet.
Elegant sweet peas tucked within a stunning bridal bouquet

Adorable muscari (or grape hyacinth as they’re popularly known) often feel like they could be found in a vintage children’s book, nestled next to red and white toadstools. The diminutive but bold little flower holds a special charm reserved for those equally magical varieties such as bluebells, snowdrops and lily of the valley. Weddings featuring a blue colour palette often struggle with finding natural florals to match, however those getting married in spring are in luck - the most common shade of Muscari is that rich powdery blue that lifts our hearts at this time of year.
Sweet, sweet muscari!

Bundles of lilac are not only celebrated for their gorgeous fragrance but the beautifully natural garden-style they bring to an arrangement or bouquet. The large plumes of pretty flowers are available in whites, pinks and their namesake colour. Enjoy from mid-spring through to early summer.

A true spring icon! We adore the spectrum of sunshine shades so associated with the season - dainty varieties such as Paperwhites are a particular favourite, and look exquisite dotted down an Easter table setting, intertwined with other seasonal gems such a heady hyacinth.
A springtime treat!
Gorgeous seasonal gems in McQueens Flower School

The intricate beauty of fritillaria always ignites a wave of excitement throughout McQueens Flowers. The dancing silhouette adds a playful shape to arrangements - Fritillaria Meleagris is particularly fascinating. They’re deep plum in colour, complete with a beguiling and quite unique snakeskin pattern.
Dancing fritillaria
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