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Creative Perfumer, Julie Pluchet

We recently debuted our limited edition scented candle collection in partnership with fragrance aficionados, Miller Harris. The three creations; Water Wood, Green Stem and Petal Storm are all inspired by the depth of aromas experienced when you step inside McQueens HQ. We had the pleasure of catching up with Julie Pluchet - the Creative Perfumer whose job it was to capture the essence of our unique home to hear all about her fascinating job and the magic behind the alchemy...
Water Wood Scented Candle
Julie Pluchet - Creative Perfumer
Hi there Julie, thanks for joining us on the McQueens Journal. You’re the ’nose’ behind the Miller Harris X McQueens scented candles - could you tell us a little bit about your role and how you discovered such an interesting career?

My title is ‘Creative Perfumer”, hailing from France, this is a recognized and respected, but competitive career path. I studied Chemistry which is a common and helpful starting point. Post graduating and having known I’d wanted to enter the world of perfumes for a long time - I then headed to Grasse, the historic capital of perfume to study the industry. I’d always known this is what I wanted to do so it’s very exciting to be realising my dream! In terms of my role, I create fragrances for all kind of products from fine fragrances, personal care products to home fragrances.

We know that the inspiration behind the candles was a visit to McQueens - how did you approach the process of capturing those key scents?

I spent quite some time exploring McQueens HQ, taking notes, soaking up the various surroundings - which isn’t just about taking in the smell but feeling the environment and atmosphere. I always have my palette in mind which is like a toolkit. What struck me first was the dewy, very green aroma in the shop. I found the workspace to be extremely fresh as flowers are being trimmed constantly - as there are so many varieties it wasn’t about pinpointing one fragrance but the collective atmosphere.
Green Stem Scented Candle
Tell us a little bit about some of the ingredients used to capture the essence of McQueens - are there any ingredients used that might be unexpected or a surprise?

There are an array of interesting natural extracts within each candle. Water Wood features Mastic Absolute which is extracted from the pistachio tree. This helps to establish that green, natural aroma you experience when you enter the shop. Mimosa absolute is a key scent found in the Petal Storm candle which translates that powdery floral spell. Green Stem owes its earthiness to Hay extract which fuses the fresh and dry atmosphere together.

Flowers and scent are intrinsically linked - what is your favourite floral aroma?

Personally, my favourite scents are mostly linked to nostalgia and memories. Palma Violet is a particular favourite aa it reminds me of my Grandmother who was incredibly sophisticated.

Discover more about the Miller Harris X McQueens Candle Collection here.

Creative Perfumer, Julie Pluchet

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