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McQueen's Autumn Favourites

With the Autumn equinox taking place on Monday (23 September) we’re fully embracing the joys of a new season. The fruits of harvest are in, flora and fauna take on mind-boggling colours of russet, ochre, and crimson and we welcome the return of gorgeous varieties. Whether you’re planning a spectacular fall-inspired wedding, seeking new ideas for home displays - or wanting to gift the ultimate seasonal bouquet, here’s a run-down of (just) some of our favourites.

We love that just a single stem of hydrangea can make a big statement. Chameleon-like, they bridge late summer to autumn exquisitely with their range of hues. Cream and pale pink varieties add a classic, opulent flair to wedding florals, in contrast, dusty pink hydrangeas add an instant antiqued feel to autumnal hand-ties. But let’s face it - they look equally stunning bundled en masse!
Masses of glorious hydrangea
Voluptuous vintage-coloured hydrangea found in the Malina bouquet.

Dahling dahlias have long been a firm favourite at McQueens and their popularity shows no sign of slowdown - available in a breadth of shape and colour, there’s a style to match the mood. Giant, blousy Cafe Au Lait's hark back to dreamy summer days with their gentle blush tones whilst perfectly defined Pom Poms are a playful smile-inducer. For autumn however, we have a soft spot for the Cactus dahlia, particularly in rich berry hues.
Dahling dahlias!
Vines, foliage and berries

It’s not just the florals that make an impact during Autumn - cease the opportunity to celebrate the cacophony of vines, foliage and unusual seed heads.

There’s one stem we find particularly beguiling - (that are particularly fabulous at Halloween) pumpkin-like Chinese Lanterns (Physalis). Other eye-catching delights of the season include adorable Sanguisorba and other-worldly Scabiosa heads.

Berries and fruit are bountiful, adding classic autumnal dimension to an arrangement, display or bouquet. The depth of colours and shape of the vines bring the outside-in creating dramatic moments and still-life inspired settings. Rose Hips, Crab Apples and Cotoneaster add hues of both deep and bright shades. For delicate bursts of colour hypericum nestles beautifully alongside fresh blooms.
Late autumn

Looking forward to November we can’t wait for the floral favourites reappear - paper-like Anemones make a welcome return. We’ll happily take masses in any colour - from icey whites to deep violet - red make an impactful and elegant table centre or dainty addition to autumnal wonderland wedding. Late-autumn dahling, Ranunculus make a welcome return, adding a sweet note to proceedings and the fluffiness found in summer favourites. The varieties are wide-ranging and each deserve their own fanfare from the Petticoat Hanoi to dancing Butterfly.
Colour Palette

When it comes to the seasonal palette, ripe reds, burnt oranges and deep mellow, yellows spring quite rightfully spring to mind. Consider some atmospheric-alternatives that mirror the evocative sense of autumn. Chocolate Cosmos is as delicate as it is bewitching - offering a sophisticated contrast to bright and bold colours. The blue-toned berries of Callicarpa nod towards the icy season ahead - Guelder, on the other hand, ensure you’re firmly immersed in Fall with its two-tone plum coloured leaves transporting you to a perfect autumnal woodland stroll. Carthamus add seasonal pops of tangerine fluffiness and bold Hydrangeas reign supreme in the statement stakes.

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McQueen's Autumn Favourites

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